How to get suggestions for a football club playing freestyle football?

Freestyle vs. Football Monday. 18:15. Weather is enough good, no rain. Targets for trening – 10 HTW, HMATW-AMATW. I like such trening when all everything comes out without a problem, but unfortunately this was not because of a few days break. Ok – I told myself – now the HTWs. One, two – I count

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Interview with Maciek Leja

Tell us something about yourself. My name is Maciek Leja, freestyle football is my passion and joy of life. I train over four years. What made you decide to try train freestyle football? At first I started playing football, but after 6 years playing football I noticed that it was pulling me to do tricks

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Freestival Street Games – 10 days!

Imagine that there is a place where people who have a lot of success come to this place. They will present their skills – everyone will cheering and incredulously looking at them. You will meet the same people as you are – you will exchange experience, get advice that won’t only show you what you

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Youtube – Tricks Archive – new video!

Freestyle football is a sport that is constantly evolving – new combinations and tricks are created. I decided to do a new series – Tricks Archive – I will add new tricks and transitions from last month! I always wondered how many tricks will arise in this sport, so it will be a small archive

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Balls from 4Freestyle – First Ball!

Yesterday 4Freestyle announced balls, and today we have information about one of them! The first ball is GRIP Camouflage Ball. Design resembles a fashionable this season camo. The material that was used to create it is soft to touch rubber. It is made from 5 and 6 hexagonal patches with the logo 4Freestyle. The ball

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4Freestyle announces 3 new balls!

4Freestyle is a brand that since 2012 supplying freestylers in clothing. Is created by Tobias Becs – vice champion 2016. He started from t-shirts, pants, backpacks and shoes that despite the high price are of great interest among freestylers. And a ball… I rarely see someone who plays it. Now (hopefully) it will change –  4Freestyle

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