How to collect memories not only from competitions?

1 second Hello again! Today I talk about how I collect good memories. Enjoy! Typical person record more than 15 minutes of concert or competition. They watch this event through a five-inch new smartphone and hold up erect arm. I think: This is unhealthy you spend money on ticket for watching event from phone instead of

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Freestyle football tournament – you MUST take part!

Hello again! Yesterday I remembered how it was in my first big tournament – Lubasz Freestyle Night! I want to encourage you to participate in freestyle football competitions! February. -5℃. I rode about 5 hours to Lubasz this day. On this tournament I met some friends whom I met on the internet. It was unusual!

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Say hello to YOU! – first blog post in english!

I say HELLO to all freestylers! I am Paweł from Poland and it’s my page about freestyle football – Make Freestyle! It’s my first blog post to you – in english. Why I decided to write in english? Because I think that a lot of young or experienced freestylers live in the Earth and they

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Łukasz Chwieduk – This sport is for everyone and enjoy it!

I invite you to interview with Luki!  Why did you decide to perform in “Mam Talent”? I have three reasons. The first is the promotion of yourself and the freestyle football, because no one knows me or this sport. Rather almost nobody, because it is slowly changing. The second is simply the fact that I

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How to get suggestions for a football club playing freestyle football?

Freestyle vs. Football Monday. 18:15. Weather is enough good, no rain. Targets for trening – 10 HTW, HMATW-AMATW. I like such trening when all everything comes out without a problem, but unfortunately this was not because of a few days break. Ok – I told myself – now the HTWs. One, two – I count

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Interview with Maciek Leja

Tell us something about yourself. My name is Maciek Leja, freestyle football is my passion and joy of life. I train over four years. What made you decide to try train freestyle football? At first I started playing football, but after 6 years playing football I noticed that it was pulling me to do tricks

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