Often in conversation with friends I hear that they sleep briefly, do not care about its quality, go to bed late at night, because they have to learn. But not only science is a problem. Due to the insufficient sleep time in our body, there is a significant increase in the pulse and lactic acid level or slower glucose metabolism (transformation of sugar into muscle fuel), and this is not a desirable effect for athletes. The problem is their later malaise during the day, during hard training. I used to do it too – although I always slept 8 hours. Now, this is not a problem for me because I know how to sleep! If you want to know what to do before sleeping to make your sleep as effective as possible and what to do after getting up to make the day a pleasant one, I invite you to read 12 ways to help you get the most out of your sleep!


Things I do before sleeping:

1. A warm bath

Unscrewing the red tap instead of blue allows our body to relax and, above all, relax the muscles before sleeping. Let’s also remember to finish the bath by pouring water at a similar temperature to our body.

2. Reading a book

Even 30 minutes before sleeping, it is worth reassuring our thoughts, for example, by reading a few or a dozen pages of a book – it would be good if it was a book that will not cause negative emotions in us, just a nice diversion of our evening.

3. Eliminate noise and light

Hair dryer, loud, energetic music, sounds outside the window – it’s worth eliminating by closing the window, turning off the notifications from the phone at least one hour before sleeping, putting out strong light and replacing it with a light and warm but not too bright light.

4. Dinner

It’s best if we eat the last meal of the day about 3 hours before sleeping – preferably the dinner was easy to digest, it contained white cheese, milk, fish or bananas. Also, remember that too few calories consumed during the day also cause sleeping problems.


5. Screens

Many people check Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat or watch something on Youtube or TV series before sleeping. I will advise you – it is not good for our sleep and regeneration. Bright light badly affects the production of melatonin and, consequently, the quality of sleep. If you have to do this, I recommend Twilight for Android.

6. Training

Specialists in the field of sport recommend at least 3 hours between training and sleeping. As everyone knows, the workouts stimulate our body, and this evening we do not want to, do not we?

Things I do after waking up:

1. A glass of water

The first thing I do right after waking up is drinking a glass of water with a lemon, which after the night properly saturated our body.

2. Turn the bed.

Maybe it’s such a cliché, but immediately after getting up I make a bed, so that it would not occur to me to lie down for ,,5 minutes”.

3. ToDo list

This is a list that includes what to do on a given day and how much more or less it will take time. These are not the 3 most important things, only more small ones, for example: write an article about trainings – 1-1.5h, time to learn – 1h.


4. 20-30 push-ups

After that, at the beginning of the day I do a short warm-up and 20 push-ups – I’m telling you, it’s nice to catch a short breath in the morning, which will immediately take us away from the bed.

5. Memrise

I’m learning the basics of the Spanish language. I always wanted to know something outside English and Russian, and Spanish is a good choice. I set a goal that at the age of 19 I will go to Spain for holidays – it will be nice to communicate with Spanish women ????


I know that everyone knows a few of these points, but he does not use them. Why? Because most people look for difficult, imagined things that do not always work. Why make your life difficult? Enter at least one point per week and see how your sleep quality will change!

Medium post: https://medium.com/@pawel.kot4426/12-effective-techniques-to-improve-your-sports-morning-b958c655f735