Everyone at the beginning learned it and everyone who isn’t a freestyler asks for record – JUGGLING! Skóra, Szymo, Erlend – they are starting form the same place – nothing. Everyone does it differently but always with two legs. But did you ever wonder what really improves jugglery? Recently I was thinking about it and I searched thie internet and found something about it. If you are curious about what is changing in your brain and body read this 8 things that we develop through juggling!

1. Increase in physical fitness

It’s just obvious that sport is health! We practice our physical fitness through juggling. The muscles develop, we increase the volume of the lungs through physical effort and prevent various diseases.

2. We practice reflexes

Through juggling we predict movements where the ball will fall – we also improve the reaction speed and increase the field of view.

3. Both legs become more efficient

We’re practicing not only the better leg, but also the worse one, which gives us extra dexterity and thus we acquire new skills.

4. Shows

I guarantee that people will be interested in your skills! Many freestylers make amazing shows – not only during events, but also in the city center. For example, you can put a hat in front of you so that people can throw in money – it’s an interesting way to make a few pennies ????

5. Developing yourself, passion, determination in achieving goals

If we take care of something and we very like it, we will definitely want to develop it further – this is happening with everything, not only with sport. We will strive to master the combo or trick to perfection. Unfortunately, after a few unsuccessful trainings, the further willingness to play decreases – if we have a goal and we want to achieve it at all costs, we also practice our persistence and determination.

6. Rest

The truth should be in quotes, but let it be ???? After a hard day at school or at work, most people lie down in front of the TV or sit in front of the computer – this is their rest. If, however, we are very interested in sport, instead of watching the Hobbit replay, we will go outside and begin to practice MATW.

7. Concentration

It’s not easy to concentrate 100% on one thing – Facebook or notification that you’ve got a new snap successfully makes us want to catch up on the phone and check new pics from friends that will not bring anything interesting to our lives anyway. However, through juggling, where we have to be concentrated with every bounce, in later life it will be easier for us to focus on one thing. Therefore, through regular training it will be better!

8. Coordination

During juggling we have to rip the leg with what we see – we also train visual-motor coordination. It will be easier for us to match our eyes with the movement, so that the movements we make will be smoother.

I think that you have learned a bit about the advantages that jugglers give us – freestylers ????