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Are you freestyler? Check what the record of JUGGLING says about you! ????

Juggling, bouncing …

… it all leads to one common denominator – the basics in freestyle football. Everyone started with the same round number that says more than what it really means – 0. The time I spent on mastering 50 jugglers was a time for me to break down and regulate the sensitivity of my legs, because as you know in football, you usually get a little harder than you bounces the ball.

One of my New Year resolutions is to beat my juggling record … It will be difficult, but at the end of the year I will try to do it.

Returning to the juggler record – do you remember how you did your first round 100 bounces? I remember it and it was a great feeling – I felt like I was the king of this game! However, after getting into the subject, I doubted myself. This gentleman is doing a great job!

Therefore, based on my short experience, I have prepared something for you that will help you define yourself as a freestyler! What does the juggling record say about you? Get Ready!


good job! Or you just found out about freestyle football and you try to bounce the ball or play football and raise the ball several times in the form of a warm-up or you met a freestyler in the city and want to show him “how to trick” – do not worry – after a few days of training for sure you can do more.


This is the top ten – know that it is contagious. if a buddy comes to you, he will also want to try to juggle – show him how to do it and you will certainly be chosen as one of the first to be included!


At that time I had the biggest crisis – I wanted to make 100 jugglers at all costs, even if I had to run from wall to wall and bouncing the ball with my old shoes found in the corner of the attic with the balloon coming out. Are you surrendering at this moment? You drop out.



Now it all starts seriously – juggling is not enough for you. People passing by you ask if you will do “around the world”, so it would be good to learn. The first attempts go out poorly, you prefer bouncing, but you do not get discouraged and go farther.

In the end, this day is coming – for the first time in your life you have made around the world! You are happy and try to do it more often. Colleagues can not believe in your progress – they also try their strength, write on Messengeer, ask in school – you enjoy your little success!


You noticed that your ball, or rather its scraps, no longer resembles a perfect, round thing that can be reflected, so it’s time to invest in something newer, better – so you enter in Google:

After getting information about Monta, you decide to take the one with orange dragons – it will definitely be better! You decide to buy also better shoes – in many movies you see the most often blue or gray Puma shoes – after searching the Internet, you find out that they are Archive Lite Low Mesh – you also order.

Finally came! You take your old shoes and throw them in the corner for your younger brother, and you put new ones on your feet, take the ball under your arm and move to training. At the beginning you can not get used to the new equipment, but after a few trainings the investment returns – you finally do a few tricks in the combo.


Finally, you’re officially called a freestyle athlete. On Instagram you are now adding #fslife #football #freestyle #tekneek #makefreestyle #Jf #iamafootballfreestyler tags and posting videos and photos with the ball – of course, all in English to get bigger ranges. You are beginning to be more interested in freestyle football – you were already at the first competition in Lubasz – 400 km from home, but it was worth it anyway! All your free time is full of workouts. You learn a new language – the language of freestylers – ATW, HTW, MATW, SKATW – these are just some phrases. From irregular trainings once a week it turned into a lifestyle that completely took over your life.

941 and more

If you are still counting, then you are incredibly good at maths, you have a very high predisposition to work in counting people in stadiums or to beat the Guinness record in juggling (it will be hard to beat the man from the beginning of the text, but for those who want nothing difficult).


At what stage are you now? Let me know in the comment!

The article is modeled on my history: D

article written humorously, it is not meant to offend anyone.


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