Ah, these balls …
And it all started when several dragons flew away from my well-deserved Monta Freestyler …

Sitting at the computer and browsing potential balls to buy in over 20 cards in Google Chrome, I had several websites – Allegro, E-Bay and a few others, I have never known before. Of the 24 cards there were 3 pages on which I found interesting occasions and one that particularly interested me.

Ball archive!

Football-balls is a real archive! You can find all the balls from 1930! All are divided into the categories of games: Euro, Champions League, Bundesliga and many more. Each of them has a photo and a brief description and year of creation.

After analyzing all the balls you can see interesting conclusions:

– Adidas from the release of his first ball – Telstar – in 1970 at the World Championships in Mexico held a similar arrangement of battles until 2006, when he launched the first Teamgeist for the World Cup in Germany.

– On each ball from the Champions League since 2001 there are stars
– The favorite is definitely Adidas, but also Nike can boast of official balls for the Italian Serie A, the English Premier League or the Spanish La Liga.
– The balls from the Europa League are kept in a similar orange color.

3 balls that particularly interested me:

1. Adidas Nativo 4

This year’s ball from Adidas – Nativo – delighted me above all with design – patches from Telstar and American colors make a big impression!

2. Europass

A ball from 2008 with 14 panels instead of 32 standard ones for those times. Compared to Teamgeist, the edges of the ball are combined thermally and not sewn, as was the case with the older ball. Many people would like to have it or at least test it. Enchanted me with simple design and Teamgeist patches – simplicity does its job!

3. Nike Maxim