⚽”Right state of mind helps you to go over your limit!” | Chris Bennet Bröker Interview

Polish version – click! And it all started with Instagram – Chris Bennet Bröker „Beautiful place and colors! Of course, the tricks are also big!” My first comment on the Chris’ Instagram profile was similar to this. Most often I pay attention to the quality of the recording, and then only the rest – sometimes […]

Jordan Morrison – „I remember when you were practising alone at lunch!”

Super Ball memories As I remember correctly, it was the day before the Super Ball finals in Prague. Together with my friends, we visited the beautiful capital of the Czech Republic, when one of them came up with the idea to play in the center. We threw all the things, one guarded and the rest […]

Fagerli Brothers – „Be very focused on taking one step” – Interview

Polska wersja tutaj! „Two heads are not one” says one of the proverbs with which I agree in more than 101%!A perfect example are two brothers from Norway, who infect others with their passion and show that trainings for two may be more interesting and very encouraging – Erlend and Brynjar Fagerli! The younger of […]

Conor Reynolds – How to become better lower freestyler?

Polska wersja – klik! I’ve done some interviews with people who, conquering their limits, also conquered something that seemed impossible for other people – Luca with his 3revs and 4rev, Dawid Lipski with lipatw and Paweł Skóra with all his tricks. Now it’s time for another person working for his success extremely hard and long, […]

„We will use a different judging system!” – Sven Fielitz

Polska wersja! Sven Fielitz – Tek Neek I think the tittle of this interview can be convincing enough to let you learn a bit more about the Epic Skills tournament! The open freestyle football competition in Luxembourg will take place in June, where the PWG, Erlend Fagerli and Sven Fielitz – the man responsible for Tek […]

„Sport builds character, gives beautiful opportunities and teaches” – Damian Gawrych

Polska wersja Damian Gawrych – Alternative Soocer! Some people start businesses for financial reasons – they want to make money from them, but they do not necessarily deal with what they are actually fascinated with – they only do it for money. Personally, I could not do something that I do not enjoy all my […]

Stephen Gray – OK mum see ya later, I’m going out to freestyle!

Freestyle football – passion for years 10 years – would you withstand so much with one passion? This is a very long time and people who are related to their interest for so many years have a lot of experience and great knowledge about the subject. The man with whom you can see the interview […]

Luca Chiarvesio – „Keep moving, no matter how fast”

Luca – man created for freestyle football If you are a real blood freestyler player, you have heard about 101% of a man who a dozen days ago – I can safely say – raised freestyle football to a higher level, showing every unbeliever that something is impossible only in our heads. He is also […]