MFFC 2019 „Connecting all freestyle footballers” | Miez online competition

Polish version – click! MFFC – Miez Freestyle Football Championship PACT, WPUC, WPSC, IVOC – these are just a few online tournaments for freestylers! In each of them you need to make the best combinations of tricks, in the style, which is given earlier of the tournament. Exactly – combinations. Miez went a bit with […]

Erlend Fagerli & Aguśka Mnich won the Red Bull Street Style 2018! + VIDEO

Polish version (click) Red Bull Street Style – 2 players, 1 winner Thursday, October 22. In just a few moments, one of the largest and most prestigious events in the world of freestyle football will begin – Red Bull Street Style world championship! Over 50 participants gathered in the Polish capital to compete with each […]

ERLEND won the European Championships in Berlin! + VIDEO final

Freestyle football has taken over the capital of Germany for 2 days,the European Championships have just finished! Over 100 freestylers, including more than 20 Polish representatives, competed for the continental champion. Nine of them got into the TOP 32 tournament! The winner – Erlend showed his greatest strengths! Brynjar stood on the second place, who […]

MakeNews – UK Freestyle Champs, Control Ball v2, JFFC|August

UK Freestyle Champs 2018 Andrew Henderson – a person who is very well known to most freestylers, together with the clothing brand NoFuchsGiven organize the UK Freestyle champs! Soon, on September 23, the best players from the United Kingdom will also compete for a Red Bull Street Style ticket in Poland. In addition to the […]

MakeNews – Polish street soocer, Vibes Kings, Ghetto Championships – July

Polska wersja! Polish street soccer championship – Mekka Street & Just Freestyle – Łódź 2018 On 23 June took place the open Polish street soocer championship Mekka Street in Łódź. With the Just Freestyle guys we organized our first tournament called Just Freestyle Cup, which brought together young and very talented players. At the beginning, the […]

MakeNews – qualifications Red Bull Street Style, WPSC 10|#1 – May

Make News! I started with new series on the page! I will add information from freestyle football world few times a month. I think it will be better than many single articles. Ok, enjoy! Qualifications RBSS More and more countries begins organizing qualifications which are to determine the freestyler who will represente his country on the […]

April – playlist for freestylers – YouTube!

YouTube playlist for freestylers Ok, let’s get started with new serie of articles – playlist for freestylers! Every month I will collect the best tracks which you can use on your trainings. Click „Power ON” on your speaker and enjoy good vibes. Save playlist or choose few tracks and download them to your phone 🙂 […]

Red Bull Street Style – first qualifications are already planned!

Qualifications! Red Bull Street Style is a tournament for which all freestyle players are waiting impatiently! Each edition was very popular and now – after 2 years since the last championships – I think that the interest will be even greater. For sure it will be even bigger among Polish freestylers, and this is due to the […]