DAZN Freestyle Masters 2018!


February 22, around 11 o’clock.

Browsing Facebook at the end of the lesson I came across a post added to the Polish Freestyle group:

Is there any working stream link?

And then I remembered what happened then in Japan – DAZN World Freestyle Masters!


I knew everything about this tournament – when, where, who will play with whom, but only after a while I realized that it was this day. First thing, I looked through the comments in search of streams – and as you know, there were small problems with him. Finally, I found it on the goal.com fanpage and turned it on. I did not watch long because I had an English lesson, but later I had a looser lesson, so … you know 😀 I managed to finish the semifinal of women.



Michryc vs Ricardinho

Then, when I saw the ladder of the 16 best in the world I knew immediately that the Pole would stand on the podium – I had a huge feeling that it would be Michryc. Intuition did not disappoint – after seeing the final battle I had no doubts – Michryc showed what we all know him. His creativity and concentration in the performance of each magnificent and unearthly evolution have made and continue to impress me. Ricardinho also showed his huge level by starting battles with APATW, adding AELDO and another AELDO in the middle. However, in my opinion, objectively, not only in this battle, but also in previous ones, Michryc showed the beauty of football freestyle, incredible creativity and – most importantly – the pleasure of every entry on the stage.

My favourite Michryc’s combo

My favourite Ricardinho’s combo

Boyka vs Szymo
I watched this battle the next day on Friday. Boyka and Szymo also made a great impression on me in terms of the level and progress they have made since the last competition they played. There were a few drops in the whole duel and I think that could had an impact on the final verdict of the judges.

My favourite Boyka’s combo

My favourite Szymo’s combo

Kalina vs Caitlyn
Kalina for the second time wins the World Championship! The girls showed what they can – I watched this battle with pure pleasure!

The best Kalina’s trick

The best Caitlyn’s trick

Congratulations to the winners and the rest of the great players!

I love watching tournaments featuring leading freestylers from around the world like this one.


First of all because we can then see a lot of new and interesting moves. Every time someone does something new for the first time, I wonder where the limits of this sport are.
Finally, I found the answer – the limits are only in our heads.


Other great battles: