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Red Bull Street Style – 2 players, 1 winner

Thursday, October 22.

In just a few moments, one of the largest and most prestigious events in the world of freestyle football will begin – Red Bull Street Style world championship!

Over 50 participants gathered in the Polish capital to compete with each other and win the trophy, which no doubt every player would like to win. They came here for that, did not they?

Since the first edition in 2008, the rules have remained the same – 2 players, 3 minutes, 2 balls, 1 winner. On Wednesday, we found out who would qualify for the main finals that took place the day after. Freestylers couldn’t afford even a moment of hesitation during battles – they have been training really long and hard for the previous weeks.

r-style adrian franc


I will tell you that my analyzes and calculations did not fully agree with reality.

When the time of the final came, the shivers did not leave my body – literally! All the while I felt great excitement that I can be here and participate in this super-marvelous event. When the finalists entered the stage, I completely had no idea who would stand on the highest spot of the podium. But after the battles in my head something dawned on me – and I was not wrong.

Roberto Carlos raised Erlend Fagerli’s hand and he won the Red Bull Street Style! As for me, he deserved this win, but it was a difficult choice for the judges. I watched him on social media and the guy was really determined and I do not believe he did not have the thought of winning the trophy. Ricardinho also showed his greatest strengths, but the judges voted for Erlend.

In female competition Aguśka Mnich won. You may not believe me, but I had this feeling that she would come so high! 

SICK level

It’s nice and interesting to see (I think you too) freestylers from every corner of the world. Each of them showed their greatest strengths and above all their unique style. Some battles I will just torture, because … they were just cosmic! Like a battle, for example Brynjar vs. Ricardinho! 

I still remember when I was browsing Instagram and I came across the information that RBSS would be held in Poland – I was mildly pleased  given this information – I knew that I had to go there at all costs.


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