Freestyle football has taken over the capital of Germany for 2 days,the European Championships have just finished! Over 100 freestylers, including more than 20 Polish representatives, competed for the continental champion. Nine of them got into the TOP 32 tournament!

The winner – Erlend showed his greatest strengths! Brynjar stood on the second place, who – so far – unsuccessfully tries to overtake his younger brother. In the fight for 3rd place Jesse won, VLO – 4th place.

All the battles were really on a cosmic level, but a few of them were such gems for me, which I wanted to mention more widely. One of them was the duel of my good friend – Piotr Kielar – a 17-year-old player from Poland, who defeated Olsen – an experienced player from Norway in the TOP 32 battle.

“I am very happy that I went to the European Championships and I am very grateful to Ronnie for offering me this trip just a few days earlier. I did not set myself up for any winnings. I just wanted to spend time with my friends and have fun. I did not expect to pass the first place qualifying in my group, going straight to the top 32, and then to win the top 16 battle with Olsen. I still can not believe it: D In the top 16, however, it did not go so well, so I just had to train and enjoy it! ” – Kielar.

Congratulations for all freestylers!

For young freestylers to become better competition-wise, I think it is important to be very focused on taking one step at the time and having a big time-perspective. I think a common mistake is to not master the basics before going on to more advanced tricks. After a while you will get a solid foundation of tricks and good general control over the ball. That is when I would advice them to try to make their style stand out from the mainstream, i.e. try to be original in some way. This will potentially be very valuable in competitions.

Interview with Fagerli brothers below!