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And it all started with Instagram – Chris Bennet Bröker

„Beautiful place and colors! Of course, the tricks are also big!”

My first comment on the Chris’ Instagram profile was similar to this.

Most often I pay attention to the quality of the recording, and then only the rest – sometimes I focus on cool colors, a brilliant light that I have to visit the profile of the person again and then watch his combos with ball. 😀

One of the persons was Chris, whose pleasure I had to meet during Lubasz Freestyle Night 2019! Every his  freestyle football clip makes me dizzy, I wanted to know how and what he thinks, how he trains.

I writed to him and came up with some questions and this is how this interview was made!

You will learn from him:

– what advice Chris would like to hear at the beginning of his adventure with freestyle football,

– how a correct mentality can positively affect training,

– what is his motivation to continue playing freestyle football and what you can get out of it!


How did you like Lubasz Freestyle Night this year? what was the most interesting moment in your stay in Poland?

I really enjoyed the Lubasz Freestyle Night! It was my first time in Poland and the first time competing at the LFN. I have met many new friends from many different countries.

My absolute favorite and interesting moment was to perform at the Finals of LFN. It was an amazing experience to Battle in the TOP 16 and TOP 8 and I got a lot of motivation to train more allround tricks for the upcoming competitions.

Tell us more about your Freestyle Academy – how are the trainings going, how many people, how promotional matters look like etc

I am proud to be part of the Freestyle Academy. At the moment I’m doing a dual distance study in fitness economy and fitness science. I work at a soccer hall with a performance center for individual soccer training, fitness training and also freestyle training. So in the area of the Freestyle Academy my task is to teach freestyle tricks in workshops or camps, to teach freestyle tricks in individual training and to perform freestyle shows.

Last year a new task area was added – we organized the German Football Freestyle Championship 2018.

The trainings of our SoccerAcademy and FreestyleAcademy are structured to develop at first the human himself. We start every training with a brain and body training before we continue with technical training.


You are very active in social media – do you live from freestyle football? How to do this – have you any essential tips for us – freestylers?

Yes I try to be very active on social media. I want to give people the opportunity to be a part of my journey and to share my development with them. Moreover I want to inspire people to believe in yourself and never give up.

I don`t live from freestyle football but after my studies I would like to try to live from freestyle.

Why you play freestyle football? What is your motivation?

I started football freestyle in 2013. At the beginning it was just training some tricks before and after my normal soccer training, but after few months it has become my passion. I trained freestyle every day in the school during the lunch break and after school I continued to train at home.

In 2016, I stopped playing football to focus even more on freestyle training.

For me, football freestyle is more than just a hobby, it’s my passion. If I have a bad day or a bad mood, then I go outside for a freestyle session and I’ll be fine again. My motivation is to inspire as many people as possible.


How is freestyle growing in Germany?

The german community is getting bigger and bigger. In germany, there has not been a german championship since 2014. Therefore we organised the GFFC last year and we had 32 participants. We have many young freestylers and I am very excited how the german community will develop in the next years.

What advice would you like to hear at the beginning of your career with freestyle football?

My advices would be:

-have fun,

– express yourself,

– live your dreams,

– create your style,

– believe in yourself,

– stay positive,

– work hard and make it happen.

How did your parents and buddies react to your unusual passion at the beginning of your game?

My family and friends have always supported me and my passion. My parents gave me the opportunity to train my skills as best as possible through professional individual football training.

After I stopped playing soccer, we changed the focus of the individual training to strengthening, stability and brain training. I guess that’s why I can learn new moves and tricks very quickly.

What do you think – how does the mentality influence the training and preparation of the player? Do you have your brain training methods?

I think mentality is one of the key points when it comes to harder tricks. Mentality and the right state of mind helps you to go over your limit!

When I train some hard new lower tricks, then it really helps me to think about the new tricks that they are easy. I often repeat the movement in front of my inner eye and think that it’s a easy trick. That helps me to be relaxed and to get in my best condition for landing a trick or combo.

My brain training methods are fundemntal movements which connects the different brain areas. For example different cross motions and so on.

What does your training plan look like?

I try to train every day or at least every second day.

In the trainings I make a short warm up and try which tricks or combos feels good at this day. And then I try to train as many hard and different combos with these tricks.

And when my legs feels tired I train Uppers and Sits. Sometimes I get inspired from a video for example of a new transition. Then I try this trick in my session and the session ends only when I’ve done the trick.

How do you take care of your body? Do you have a diet, some specific exercises?

I have no special diet. But I try to eat healthy and balanced.

Because of my daily work as a fitness trainer, I have a lot of exercise during the day and keep fit with it.


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