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A few days ago on fanpage “I am a football freestyler” came a reply:

WE NEED YOUR HELP!Our admin Christian Ried came up with an awesome new project called Freestyle Stories. As the name…

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I decided to message to Christian and talking with him about his new blog and fanpage! We also took cooperation – I will translate some articles into the Polish language!

I invite you to read this interview and leave the reply what do you think about it!

Tell me about you.

My name is Christian Ried, I am 23 years old, living in Munich Germany.

When and how did you become start freestyling?

I started freestyling in September 2006 mainly because of Ronaldinho who was a big inspiration for me at that time as a football player.

Why did you start fanpage “I am a football freestyler”?

Actually Daniel Rooseboom started the page but I got invited to be an admin last year when he saw me do lots of engagement with the community.

Are you have any interesting idea to update your new blog?

Well I think the whole basic idea is very interesting in itself. Sharing nostalgic freestyle moments from freestylers all around the world with the community.

Are you have advice for young freestylers?

Yes! Practice a lot of basics. Basics, basics and basics! They will make your control very good and also help to get a nice style. Also be patient, it all comes down to a lot of training.

Is it difficult to running the i am freestyler fanpage?

Fortunately the admin team has about 5 people now and so everybody keeps putting some effort in which makes it easier for everyone. But from time to time it can be hard answering all messages and being up to date with the latest news and figuring out what to post next.

who is your favourite freestyler?

I do not have one but my inspiration comes from whoever I watch the most at the moment.

 Thanks for read this!