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paweł skóra freestyle football piłka nożna

Paweł Skóra – interview with World Champion!

Freestyle football is more than sport…

Freestyle football has been dating back more than a dozen years, despite the fact that it is still a young sport discipline, which every year attracts more and more young players who want to try their skills in freestyle. Some stay in it for a longer time, some people do not have much patience and let go of the game because they think that they will learn effective combinations in a short time. I’m sorry – it’s not enough to do 2 weeks of training here to make a stunning combo, which will win the hearts of buddies on the pitch. So what is needed? First of all – you have to be patient, without which we will not get to the next level. One of the associations that come to my mind after saying the word “patience” is Skóra – Paweł Skóra, interview with which you will find below!

Have you always been connected to the ball as a child? How did your career with freestyle football start?

When I started to take my first steps, my mother wanted me to spend as much time in the open air as possible. Sometimes it was difficult to convince me to go outside. Then my mother gave me a ball that made my attitude radically changed. I’ve always liked to run with football. When I grew up, I played with my friends after school. The adventure with ff started after watching the movie, on which the boy did tricks with the ball. I liked it very much. I could not get over the admiration that it was possible to control the ball. I told myself that I also want to do such spells with the ball and that’s how I started to practice ff.

 What does your typical day look like when you train? And how does spending your free time look like?

I work as a football coach. In the morning he trains himself, and in the afternoons I run sports classes. In my free days I relax, I also meet friends for some good food. If I get more free, I am going abroad to a country where I have not been before. I have a dream to visit as many countries as possible during my life.

 A dozen days ago, the place had the premiere of your new book! Congratulations! Why did you decide to write it? What inspired you, was it difficult?

Thank you! Once it crossed my mind that it would be great to write a book about football freestyle. These thoughts are over. This year I received proposals from the publishing house. Then the idea of the book came back and it was realized. The book that I published is a guide on football tricks that is intertwined with my story. I tried to emphasize that it was a book about normal freestyle, not football. In addition to the tips from the book you can learn a bit about the history of ff in Poland and abroad, what equipment to use for training or get to know the best players in Poland.

How do you think the freestyle will develop further? What is the future of football freestyle?

I think that ff is growing in Poland and will continue to do so. More and more people are starting to train. I believe that it will not be a temporary sneak peek or something that will pay off and bring up the successors of the old guard (generation of players born in 1990 – Szymo, Michryc, etc.)

What do you think are the limits to achieve in this sport? 4 rev, 5 rev etc.?

I think that the players will overcome their own limits and invent new tricks or combinations. Years show that everything depends on them and everyone makes their own brick. Once nobody would believe that someone would make Patw or Jordan stall. By following this statement I know that players will continue to develop ff. As my colleague Mieszko said: “The borders are in us!”.

What changes in freestyle do you think are negative and what are positive? Have there been any special moments in the freestyle that you think are breakthroughs in this sport?

As for the positive side, I think that the growing number of players practicing freestyle football. This affects the promotion of this sport. The negative side is the small number of tournaments in Poland and the lack of real prizes. There were many breakthrough moments. When it comes to, for example, breakthroughs in connection with the style of air, it is sure to come up with such tricks as tatw or patw.

What do you consider to be your greatest success?

It’s hard for me to choose one thing, which is why I will write a few:

– making tricks / combinations: satw, skora nt, aeatw

– production of a series of films: Air combos with particular emphasis on the third part

– played at World Championships in 2011 in sick three competition

– Book

paweł skóra freestyle football piłka nożna

What do you think, how far would you go now at the World Championships?

Time is not standing still. I am getting older, and in the world there are more and more new players who are hungry for success. I think the top 32 or top 16.

If you were not an athlete, then who?

I am an IT specialist by education, and my life revolves around the ball. As the saying goes: life writes the script itself. For this reason, it is difficult for me to answer this question. Maybe I would be an IT specialist.

Who do you think is currently the best freestyle in the world?

When it comes to allround – Szymo. I have always been and I am impressed by how many tricks and combinations in each style he is able to do.

What advice would you give to beginners? Do you have a quote or your idea that helped you train in the beginning?

When I started my adventure with FF, nobody forced me to do it. I had a great desire to train. I went out to play because I wanted to. I trained very fiercely. I did not want to let go when something did not work out. I tried it until I succeeded. When something was done, it was a joy and satisfaction that hard work paid off. The fact that something came out, motivated me to further harder workouts. Of course, there were days when I did not want to train. At the time, I watched the films of other players, mainly from Palle. These films gave me kick and motivated me to go to training. Sometimes I also said in my head that the training will not do itself and if I want to be better, I have to go out and train. As for advice, let me tell you that you will not be offended as something is not coming out. Train, train and train again, and then the day will come when you can do what you want. The joy of achieving the set goal will be huge and it is for her that I want to train hard.


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