I invite you to interview with Dawid Lipski about his trick – LIPATW! Enjoy 😉

How did you come up with the idea of doing Lipa Around the World?

As for the idea, it started in that year. In September, I had an idea for this trick in my head, but at the beginning I did not think it was possible. I tried it without shoes for fun, but it was really hard. I went to LFN 2016, there I managed to do Akim trick and then I do not know how I did the same with the last wheel in the out! I got excited and tried, I had some really cool rehearsals, but it failed.

In February I played this trick really long. After Lubasz I practiced this trick in my shoes and in March I was able to do it for the first time, then I decided to do it myself. I came to such a point that in April I had this trick three times to rebound, one bounce separated me from being fulfilled in freestyle football. Then there was a big downtime … From that moment I did this trick only once in a while … Until yesterday. I bought a new ball, played with Putko, Maki, Zaworski and Cisu – it was a good form. I tried to do it and for the first time after a long break I made it forward. I asked if anyone had a camera – Brzezik brought the camera, set it up, and I did my trick for the first attempt and felt the happiest in the world.


What was the reaction of those who were with you then?

When it comes to friends, Brzezik first came to me, then everyone approached me, they congratulated me and watched me on the camera. The next day I got praise from people who came, especially about Mikołaj and Lotar. it’s really a huge motivating thing to get congratulations from such people and hear that it is extremely difficult.

Have you had any moments of depression when learning this?

I had moments of hesitation. It was just after these attempts in April that I was just depressed, I was afraid that someone would throw a trick on the youtube that I played so long, but luckily in Żerków I got a big kick and I managed to do this trick.

I am so happy that it can not be described in words. I signed up in history, I left something behind, I dreamed about it and now I can confidently say that it was worth training only PATWs since 2013. Compared to PATW, I have other things at a much lower level, but I do not regret, now I can focus on quiet training of 2revs and other things.


Have you ever thought about the future creation of one of the most difficult tricks?

Ever since I started training freestyle, in the future I dreamed about having my trick, but not just any. I always wanted him to be just pure hardcore. If I became some world champion in “sick 3” then in 20 years nobody would remember it, and so I will always have my small part in this beautiful sport. And it motivated me to play “out”. If I played things inside, considering the current level in the world it is almost impossible to do something new at this level.

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