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Jordan Morrison – “I remember when you were practising alone at lunch!”

Super Ball memories

As I remember correctly, it was the day before the Super Ball finals in Prague. Together with my friends, we visited the beautiful capital of the Czech Republic, when one of them came up with the idea to play in the center. We threw all the things, one guarded and the rest played. Many people came, took pictures, recorded, kids came because they were very interested in what was happening here. Another, slightly older boy came up. I immediately knew who it was. – Hey Jordi! – I shouted. Yes, it was Jordan Morrison with a friend. Yes, they also visited Prague and photographed. Yes, I love his style a lot 😀 We talked for a while and a thought came to my head – why not make an interview with him. I asked, he was very happy and after the tournament, we guessed on Facebook. Below you will find the results of our conversation – I think it will be as valuable to you as it is for me! But for start, a nice battle with Michryc!

Pawel: How does freestyle football develop in Australia?

Jordan Morrison: Australia has a super young freestyle scene which is only just finding its feet on the world stage. We have a few front runners in Australia who each has their own unique style, which is really pushing the scene to develop in Australia recently. The growth in Australia comes from friendly rivalries between the freestylers, competitions (only recently), and through Instagram as we discover new emerging players almost weekly.

I saw that you are organizing the Australian championships – what is the most difficult and was the biggest challenge in organizing this event?

This is the first time I have organised a competition, so literally everything has been the biggest challenge! But if I would have to choose one thing, i’d say finding sponsors to help fund the event would be the biggest challenge.

What is the greatest pleasure in freestyle football?

For me the greatest pleasure in Freestyle is meeting the community. It is crazy to meet a freestyler who you have spoken to for years over social media and feeling like best friends instantly as you begin to practise and hang out. It’s possible to learn so many new things from the people you meet in this community and build really good relationships, and for me this is the coolest thing.

Imagine that you are moving in time to the period in which you started to play freestyle – what would you like to tell your younger, what advice would you like to give him?

Feeling nervous before competitions is a special feeling and you should learn to enjoy this feeling, because there aren’t many people who get the opportunity to feel this way. This is advice that was given to me by Gautier while we were rooming together in Japan, and it has helped change my outlook on competing and handling nerves. If I could tell my beginner-self anything, it’d be this.

How it feels to be one of the best sitsman in the world? What about your training plan?

I don’t consider myself one of the best sits-man in the world at all just yet! But it feels great to have people come up to me saying that they enjoy watching my sits, I’m always taken back by this compliment 🙂 The biggest improvement in sits came when I was having one regular session during the day, and one session focused only on sitting tricks in the evening. Each session would go for about 3 hours. In the sitting session I would focus on very specific things for each hour; maybe one hour on soles, one hour on regular sitting moves, and one hour on making new sitting tricks and flows.

How did your school friends react to this at the beginning of your career with freestyle football?

When I first started playing freestyle I actually lost the majority of my friends from school! I would spend my breaks practising alone in the corner of the gym and some people would think it was weird 😀 The few friends who supported me during this time are still my closest friends. And those who thought it was weird come up to me in the street and say things like “where are you travelling to for you next comp? I remember when you were practising alone at lunch!”

What’s the worst in this sport?

I think for me the thing that saddens me in this sport is when I see freestylers with the exact same sets/tricks/style/etc… as another freestyler. I’d love to see everyone at least have their own flow or variations of tricks and combinations. But in the end it’s “freestyle” so if someone sees freestyle in a way that means they want to copy others exactly, then that is what freestyle is for them and I can respect that! 🙂

Are you doing anything else with your body in addition to freestyle? Diet, stretching, running?

For me strength, conditioning, and stretching is a great way to compliment freestyle and can give you that little edge over others. Weight training to build explosive power and strengthen areas to help prevent injuries is a super important aspect that many people to focus on. Conditioning is like hell, but hoping on the exercise bike for 30 mins can help increase your stamina and shape. Stretching is the most important part of freestyle; i find that it helps prevent injuries, allow me to do tricks easier, and keeps my legs feeling fresh during after training.
3 fast questions
  • Trick you hate is…
At the moment I am really disliking ALATW (in)… I’m tired of seeing people do ALATW, 20x htw, ALATW, 20x htw, x5 in a combo. Also, when I try this trick I always kick myself xD
  • Your one favourite music is…
I enjoy listening to a bit of everything when I am training, it helps keep things interesting. This year in the weeks leading up to Superball, I listened to a lot of Funk and Future Funk, for me this was a life hack to get super hyped, instantly! Check out some Agrume, Android52, Tsundere Valley… Or the classics like; Earth Wind & Fire, George Benson, Carl Carlton
  • Your favourite ball is…
The best ball for me is the Ball Beat Crew edition of the Tachikara ball. The grip is absolutely perfect for everything I do, it is a size 4.5 and it’s black :O So cool!


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