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Polska wersja!

Polish street soccer championship – Mekka Street & Just Freestyle – Łódź 2018

On 23 June took place the open Polish street soocer championship Mekka Street in Łódź. With the Just Freestyle guys we organized our first tournament called Just Freestyle Cup, which brought together young and very talented players. At the beginning, the weather did not let us start the tournament, but soon the rain stopped, the judges spread out the cards and the real fun started! You can see my report from this event below.

Luca Chiarvesio and his new capture

I must admit that I often browse Instagram – I usually do it to see new freestylers combinations that currently break the viewership records. One of them was recently a film of a man (I wondered for a moment whether to write an “alien”) well-known among players freestyle football – Luca Chiarvesio from Italy conquered … just see what … ?

Here you can read my BIG interview with him, where he talks about limits in freestyle football, what his typical day looks like and what is his way to incredible endurance!

Vibes Kings vol.2

I must admit that I have not heard about this tournament before. Only what, I saw Japanese entries talking about him, but in a language that I did not understand. The tournament took place on June 24 in Tokyo and for me the organizers and freestyle players did a great job! I very like “Japanese style” and I try this different things at every training. Below you have all the battles from the event – I especially recommend the Ama vs. Fuji  – this is a music game!

Ghetto Football Freestyle Championships 2018

And yesterday, on the fourth of July, we had the opportunity to watch live Ghetto Football Freestyle Championships, which took place in Latvia. The judge along with Lukas Skoda and Brynjar Fagerli and one of the Polish freestyler – Bartek Kala Rak. Many “young stars” of the freestyle football world took part in it. After many struggles the winner was VLO – yes, this is the same man who won Lubasz Freestyle Night 2017 😉

We know where the Red Bull Street Style 2018 World Cup will take place!

There’s less and less time left to the Red Bull Street Style 2018 World Cup. In many countries it is already qualified – below you will see a graphic showing qualified freestylers.make-freestyle-football-red-bull-street-style-warsaw

On the Instagram of the WFFA recently appeared 2 photos depicting the place of Red Bull Street Style – it will be Hala Gwardii in Warsaw! I must admit that after the photos, the seat really makes a great impression and gives an interesting atmosphere. So, we see each other at the end of the year in Warsaw? 😀