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MFFC – Miez Freestyle Football Championship

PACT, WPUC, WPSC, IVOC – these are just a few online tournaments for freestylers! In each of them you need to make the best combinations of tricks, in the style, which is given earlier of the tournament.

Exactly – combinations.

Miez went a bit with another initiative – freestylers taking part in these competitions must add one trick!

Yes – only one trick in one clip. Of course, you can add more clips if you want 🙂

The film is evaluated in terms of difficulty (stars from 1 to 5) and the overall score from 0 to 100.

The application at first glance may remind you of the popular Tik Tok, but later we will notice big differences in the materials that are added there.

I contacted people from this app and decided to ask them some questions that can show you what the broader concept is behind this idea 🙂

If you want to join the tournament, I invite you to watch my last movie from the series „Hop To World”, which you will find at the end of the interview (enable the english subtittles)!

Where did the idea for this project come from?

First of all, we develop Miez, Freestyle Football App, for two purposes. Firstly, by making lists of tricks in Miez, freestylers can find and try tricks. It connects to enjoy freestyle football. Secondly, by making this app for worldwide, all freestylers in the world can communicate with each other and freestyle community will develop.

We hold this competition with the idea “Connecting all freestyle footballers”. Superball is one of the competitions, which connects freestylers all over the world, but there are freestylers who cannot join it because of the place and money. We want to give an opportunity to participate in world competition and communicate with freestylers for them.

Why are you starting with this project?

Miez makes a lot of skill drills with videos. We think using the drills for competition will be unique. That’s why we start this project. Also, we think MFFC, Miez Freestyle Football Championship, can connect all freestylers in the world. Miez has the function for sending messages. In reality some freestylers start communicating in Miez. We feel Miez makes “Connecting all freestylers” possible little by little.

What was the hardest thing about it?

The hardest thing is “not breaking the freestyle cultures”. Freestylers make the great culture with spending decades. Scoring is new attempts, so it can break the culture. We love freestyle football. We want to develop the culture with new attempts. We made many criteria for scoring. We haven’t disclosed the criteria, but we will disclose as time passes. And, we try to make it possible that not only great freestylers, but also beginners can participate in MFFC. This competition is for “all freestylers”.

Why only tricks, not combo?

The biggest reason is the difficulty of scoring. We can make the strict criteria for each tricks. However, it is really hard to give scores to the flow and combo of tricks. If we give scores to original flows and combos, it can break the freestyle culture. That’s why we choose single tricks and specified combos as prepared themes.

Do you have other editions?

We have a lot of ideas such as freestyle League, team or country battles, and so on. There are a lot of things, which we can do thanks to online app, Miez. We want to hold the competitions, which promote communications with freestylers and develop the freestyle culture positively. The best thing for us is thinking and making the next competitions with freestylers all over the world!

What about android app?

Of course! We will make the Android app in the future. It will be easy to participate in online competition for all freestylers! Also, all freestylers will learn and enjoy tricks through Miez thanks to Android app!

Download iPhone App here(click)! (https://t.co/V9T4hN6J7Z)

More info here – https://mffc.miez.tokyo/





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