You are focused.

Your battle is getting closer, and you’re dropping even single HTW from stress.

You curse everything and everyone under your breath at the same time, while trying to make ends meet.

You listen to every comment made by the commentator. In a moment, soon.

On the list under your name is 9:45. You wait for it with great anticipation and count down the next minutes to your debut.

– Paweł, just calmly. Come in, show what you can and leave. Without stress.

9:46 – you are standing ready, waiting for your battle.

9:48 – the heart rate rises, the legs tremble with cold and stress.

9:49 – you’re finally coming in!

You start battle.

You are sitting in your head all the time and you are constantly thinking about don’t lose it.


You blame yourself for this mistake without focusing on the further game, drop again.

You blame yourself even more by dropping down the next time and leaving the stage like the last looser.

And now ask yourself: do the audience and freestylers want to see something like that? If you were in the audience, would you like to see such a performance?

Exactly. You would not want to.

And that’s the problem.

I think that not only me, but most freestylers also notice a player’s individual glances at the opponent during the battles.

I really like interactions with my opponent.

And no, I do not mean such interactions as Gunther showed in a duel with Brynjaer at the Red Bull Street Style World Championship, because for me it was a bit of an exaggeration – too much, too much.

But still, this duel looked a bit different, which is why I remembered it more than any other.


Or for example, KVP vs. VLO.

KVP showed a real show, which certainly turned heads in many of those who were in the Hala Gwardii. Also in the comments we can see a lot of “yes” comments for KVP (some of them can be seen as jokes, but some show the actual opinion of the players).

Such interactions are very important and they are definitely more interesting to watch than the sets practiced before.

How to do it?

I say straight away – if you do not “feel it” then just do not do it. However, if you want to spice up your battles with interesting inserts, read on.

The first person I saw who did it was JRK.

Freestival Street Games 2018 in Grodzisk Mazowiecki. After won first battle, my next opponent was JRK. There is nothing to cheat – I knew that I would not go further, but I bet on total fun. After my entrance, it’s time for my opponent.

I closely watched his movements, these beautiful slaps and clippers. At one point he stopped, looked at me, smiled, I did the same and he continued to play.

Like such a tiny trifle and the duel looks completely different.

Yes, I am a bit strange that I remembered such a moment, but I often have that in mind that such small details fall into my mind.

Until then I did not understand that I was not alone on stage. After all, I have my good friend from the side who – like me – wants to win the battle. Why you do not enter a small element to your battle, contact with an opponent. Viewers will feel that it is a duel, not some two separate performances.

Oh, such a small reflection before Lubasz Freestyle Night!

I’m leaving you now with Brynjar and Gunther’s battle!

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