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What should you pack in bag before freestyle football tournament like Super Ball?

Super Ball, DAZN…

Luxembourg, Prague, Warsaw, Japan are just some of the places freestylers have on their map. Each of us likes to meet with friends he saw at the last tournament. I am very happy to remember every trip, even those on which I had little trouble getting to the place. Each such trip generates a lot of memories, photos, thoughts and funny situations that are recalled for the next years.

It is usually the case that the tournament lasts more than one day and we also go for a few nights. This, in turn, forces us to take more items that are necessary, for example, to keep clean.

One will forget his shorts and win the tournament, the next one will play with a borrowed ball – it happens differently. Therefore, for those forgetful, but also for those who want to know 100% that they have everything, I have prepared this article containing the essentials in your bags for an unforgettable trip to any place!

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A handy bag

The bag is the basis. The bag can not be too big, it must be above all comfortable in tight trains and buses and must fit next to the bed or the wardrobe (if necessary). Recently I took a suitcase on wheels with me on Freestival Street Games – this is the BEST invention in the world! It would be hard for me to carry kilograms of equipment, food and clothes non-stop and move it all by hand – I can pull out the handle and drive!


The backpack is also the basic thing for all sorts of trips – it’s where I put in all the most necessary things, such as: food, drink, the most-needed equipment and pin the ball holder on it. Speed, convenience, takes up little space.


Another “must have” on any trip – I know that I start with ridiculously basic things, but some just do not pack something obvious and later wonder why the socks were in the armchair in my room 500 kilometers away from the place of competition. Shorts, underwear, T-shirts, long pants, sweatshirt, sometimes a light jacket just in case – I think that these are the most necessary things that have to be found (even in the smallest quantities) in the bag.


Passport, it is worth having a school ID with you in case you travel by public transport or trains – it’s always a discount on your tickets! 

Things for personal hygiene

Toothbrush, toothpaste, antiperspirant, towel, flip-flops, washing liquid – these are also things that can not be missing in our inventory. They are especially important for athletes – after a few hours spent playing + sitting in the heat, clothes are getting wet and we do not feel too comfortable in them.

What to take care of before traveling?


  • Empty the memory of the phone or cards – photos, videos from the competition, etc. etc. Also once (probably in Błaszki Freestyle Cup in Poland) I made this mistake and recording the raising hand of the winner, recording turned off when everyone shouted, “Three, two, one …”
  • Pay for the phone subscription – the phone is very necessary, especially in another, unknown city and without it, it would be difficult to deal with. Remember to pay for subscription- it will not cause you any unnecessary problems.
  • Clean shoes and ball – I also sometimes forgot to do this and later regretted that my ball does not shine like others. I do not know about you, but I prefer to play with a cleaner ball and show myself in clean shoes (even with holes :D).


  • The day before departure, charge the phone and powerbank – those who have powerbank – connect it day or even two days before departure, and those who do not, I definitely recommend buying such a miracle – recently I bought a powerbank from 10000mAh for 40 zł (10€) and very useful in situations where there is no socket or are simply occupied. It’s a good patent to bring a small extension cord or a splitter that your friends will use as well and take your usual charger with you.
  • Money in the wallet – advice especially for those who plan to move by public transport – you do not always pay with banknotes. And of course exchange money for the appropriate currency!

Additions that can come in handy

  • Foldable umbrella
  • Headphones – during a long and lonely journey, instead of music, I recommend listening to podcasts – interviews with big people, talkings. I have been using it myself for the second year and I am very happy. A nice option in it is to download the episode earlier and the opportunity to listen to it later – so we don’t lose data transfer.

How to pack a suitcase like a pro?

Packing itself is easy, but on the internet you can find a few tricks – we can put a lot, much more into our bag!

To-Do list!

I prepared for you list in Nozbe app – I am using Nozbe for a long time and it is helping me a lot!

Link here or

I think that these tips will help you pack for Super Ball and so on! I forgot something? Let me know in the comment! 🙂

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