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Red Bull!

Ten years ago in sunny Sao Paulo in Brazil, a tournament was held for the first time, which had an amazing effect on the future of freestyle football.

Freestyle football has changed a lot since then, but there are still a few things that have remained unchanged for years: one ball and the pleasure of the game. Comparing this sport to other sports, in which players compete with each other, we can notice a huge difference – here we can always see fair play and a pleasure game – whether it’s 10 years ago or now.

In 2008, Sean Garnier showed what he can do and won the world championship at RBSS. Later in his footsteps they went, among others:  Anders ‘Azun’ Solum (2010), Tokura (2012), Kitti Szasz (2012), Szymon Skalski (2013), Kitti Szasz (2013), Andrew Henderson (2014), Melody Donchet (2014), Charly Iacono (2016) and Melody Donchet (2016). 

Okay, the end of this remembrance – it’s time for fresh, great news!

Finally returns

After a two-year break, he finally returns – Red Bull Street Style!

The world federation of freestyle football announced that it had established a 3-year cooperation with Red Bull. What does this mean for us? The fact that for the next three years until 2020 will be organized world championships under the banner of the Red Bull. Between September and December will be finals that bring together freestylers from around the world.

Lukas Skoda, Director of Operations for the WFFA says:

‘We are really excited to get this partnership in motion. It has been an incredible journey with Red Bull Street Style already and it is thanks to the amazing community spirit in the sport that we have been able to establish the Association and focus on building the sport around the world’.

Each country must choose its representative who will represent his country in the Red Bull finals. Unfortunately, I did not find any information on how specifically such a person would be chosen, but I guess it will take place through appropriate tournaments or national championships.

I also found interesting information saying that the finals will take place in a “secret place in Poland”. Unfortunately, there is no specific place for this event – we just have to wait and be up to date. If you do not want to miss any new information about Red Bull Street Style, like my Facebook page – I will let you know when I know something more!

Source – http://www.thewffa.org/