Erlend Fagerli & Aguśka Mnich won the Red Bull Street Style 2018! + VIDEO

Polish version (click) Red Bull Street Style – 2 players, 1 winner Thursday, October 22. In just a few moments, one of the largest and most prestigious events in the world of freestyle football will begin – Red Bull Street Style world championship! Over 50 participants gathered in the Polish capital to compete with each […]

Jordan Morrison – „I remember when you were practising alone at lunch!”

Super Ball memories As I remember correctly, it was the day before the Super Ball finals in Prague. Together with my friends, we visited the beautiful capital of the Czech Republic, when one of them came up with the idea to play in the center. We threw all the things, one guarded and the rest […]

ERLEND won the European Championships in Berlin! + VIDEO final

Freestyle football has taken over the capital of Germany for 2 days,the European Championships have just finished! Over 100 freestylers, including more than 20 Polish representatives, competed for the continental champion. Nine of them got into the TOP 32 tournament! The winner – Erlend showed his greatest strengths! Brynjar stood on the second place, who […]

Fagerli Brothers – „Be very focused on taking one step” – Interview

Polska wersja tutaj! „Two heads are not one” says one of the proverbs with which I agree in more than 101%!A perfect example are two brothers from Norway, who infect others with their passion and show that trainings for two may be more interesting and very encouraging – Erlend and Brynjar Fagerli! The younger of […]

What should you pack in bag before freestyle football tournament like Super Ball?

Super Ball, DAZN… Luxembourg, Prague, Warsaw, Japan are just some of the places freestylers have on their map. Each of us likes to meet with friends he saw at the last tournament. I am very happy to remember every trip, even those on which I had little trouble getting to the place. Each such trip […]

MakeNews – UK Freestyle Champs, Control Ball v2, JFFC|August

UK Freestyle Champs 2018 Andrew Henderson – a person who is very well known to most freestylers, together with the clothing brand NoFuchsGiven organize the UK Freestyle champs! Soon, on September 23, the best players from the United Kingdom will also compete for a Red Bull Street Style ticket in Poland. In addition to the […]

Conor Reynolds – How to become better lower freestyler?

Polska wersja – klik! I’ve done some interviews with people who, conquering their limits, also conquered something that seemed impossible for other people – Luca with his 3revs and 4rev, Dawid Lipski with lipatw and Paweł Skóra with all his tricks. Now it’s time for another person working for his success extremely hard and long, […]

MakeNews – qualifications Red Bull Street Style, WPSC 10|#1 – May

Make News! I started with new series on the page! I will add information from freestyle football world few times a month. I think it will be better than many single articles. Ok, enjoy! Qualifications RBSS More and more countries begins organizing qualifications which are to determine the freestyler who will represente his country on the […]