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4Freestyle announces 3 new balls!

4Freestyle is a brand that since 2012 supplying freestylers in clothing. Is created by Tobias Becs – vice champion 2016. He started from t-shirts, pants, backpacks and shoes that despite the high price are of great interest among freestylers. And a…

Interview with Christian Ried –

A few days ago on fanpage “I am a football freestyler” came a reply: WE NEED YOUR HELP!Our admin Christian Ried came up with an awesome new project called Freestyle Stories. As the name… Opublikowany przez I am a football…

Who will win the wildcards in FFWT 17?

10 freestylers are nominated to wildcard Freestyle Football World Tour 2017! More :

This is Freestyle Football 2016 – Tek Neek

Many people are doing a summary of last year – write what they have achieved, what their plans for next year. However, a summary of Tek Neek is a bit different – in nearly 9 minutes of material shows the…