⚽”Right state of mind helps you to go over your limit!” | Chris Bennet Bröker Interview

Polish version – click! And it all started with Instagram – Chris Bennet Bröker „Beautiful place and colors! Of course, the tricks are also big!” My first comment on the Chris’ Instagram profile was similar to this. Most often I pay attention to the quality of the recording, and then only the rest – sometimes […]

MFFC 2019 „Connecting all freestyle footballers” | Miez online competition

Polish version – click! MFFC – Miez Freestyle Football Championship PACT, WPUC, WPSC, IVOC – these are just a few online tournaments for freestylers! In each of them you need to make the best combinations of tricks, in the style, which is given earlier of the tournament. Exactly – combinations. Miez went a bit with […]

NOBODY wants to watch your stress and lack of fun on the stage!

You are focused. Your battle is getting closer, and you’re dropping even single HTW from stress. You curse everything and everyone under your breath at the same time, while trying to make ends meet. You listen to every comment made by the commentator. In a moment, soon. On the list under your name is 9:45. You wait […]

Erlend Fagerli & Aguśka Mnich won the Red Bull Street Style 2018! + VIDEO

Polish version (click) Red Bull Street Style – 2 players, 1 winner Thursday, October 22. In just a few moments, one of the largest and most prestigious events in the world of freestyle football will begin – Red Bull Street Style world championship! Over 50 participants gathered in the Polish capital to compete with each […]

MakeNews – qualifications Red Bull Street Style, WPSC 10|#1 – May

Make News! I started with new series on the page! I will add information from freestyle football world few times a month. I think it will be better than many single articles. Ok, enjoy! Qualifications RBSS More and more countries begins organizing qualifications which are to determine the freestyler who will represente his country on the […]

„We will use a different judging system!” – Sven Fielitz

Polska wersja! Sven Fielitz – Tek Neek I think the tittle of this interview can be convincing enough to let you learn a bit more about the Epic Skills tournament! The open freestyle football competition in Luxembourg will take place in June, where the PWG, Erlend Fagerli and Sven Fielitz – the man responsible for Tek […]

April – playlist for freestylers – YouTube!

YouTube playlist for freestylers Ok, let’s get started with new serie of articles – playlist for freestylers! Every month I will collect the best tracks which you can use on your trainings. Click „Power ON” on your speaker and enjoy good vibes. Save playlist or choose few tracks and download them to your phone 🙂 […]

„Sport builds character, gives beautiful opportunities and teaches” – Damian Gawrych

Polska wersja Damian Gawrych – Alternative Soocer! Some people start businesses for financial reasons – they want to make money from them, but they do not necessarily deal with what they are actually fascinated with – they only do it for money. Personally, I could not do something that I do not enjoy all my […]