UK Freestyle Champs 2018

Andrew Henderson – a person who is very well known to most freestylers, together with the clothing brand NoFuchsGiven organize the UK Freestyle champs! Soon, on September 23, the best players from the United Kingdom will also compete for a Red Bull Street Style ticket in Poland. In addition to the main competition will also be rookie battle and sick 3. By the way – I really like the marketing activities and the branding of the event!

UK Freestyle Champs Instagram 

York Hall – place of UK Freestyle Champs

4Freestyle Control v2

4Freestyle presented a new, improved version of the Control ball, enjoying a lot of popularity among freestylers around the world. The appearance of the ball has almost changed – only the logo of the world federation of freestyle football has been added. However, in quality, the ball has undergone a significant metamorphosis. The goose bump has been changed so that it will be even more sticky to the body and clothes, the ball is better to bounce even with a small amount of air in it, and the designer packaging, which is vaguely to play, only looks nice on the shelf. This time the ball is available in two sizes – standard 5 and 4. The price is 89 euro – so it is the same as in the case of the first edition of the ball, which can not be purchased in the online store.

JFFC 2018 – Japan Championships

From month to month, we know more and more players representing their country on Red Bull Street Style in Poland. Recently, we found out who will represent Japan at the tournament – this year it is Ko-suke – in 2017 the champion became Yo. I have mentioned it more than once, but I will mention it once again – I like the approach and style of the Japanese game – in each battles you can see something different, something that distinguishes a particular player. 

PACT 10 & IACT 10

Kondzio vs Sergio Sanchez vs Hugo
Salem vs Jose Gabriel
Luca vs Kenneth Zelaya
DANY vs Zegan
TOP-8 IACT2018
Kamil Raczy vs Arturo
Adrian Ornelas vs Jose Ignacio
Nurs vs Anton
CHRIS vs Calvin Carruthers

Super Ball!

From 21 to 25 August, freestylers from around the world will come to Prague to meet at the open Super Ball World Championship! So far, 359 people have been registered! Soon there will be a larger article about the whole tournament, so stay tuned!

Tango League in Warsaw!

The Tango League is coming back to WARSAW again! This time, the whole event will take place in the Gwardia Hall – a place where in a few months the Red Bull Street Style World Championship will be held! September 6, 5:00 PM, you are driving with your team and fighting for victory! In addition to the winning team to the Central European finals Tango League will qualify the team with the most successful “pannas” during the tournament.

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