[Piiip, piiip]

I hear the voice of the alarm clock.

The autumn sun shyly peeps through the curtained window but my eyes closed.

I remember last night I promised myself that I would get up without adding five-minute naps to the alarm clock, but willing to cuddle up in warm bedding and think about a wonderful dream for a while.


– Kuba, are you going to school?

– Wait a moment, still early.

– Man we are 15 minutes away from school, and you have to go to the bakery before school.


We are going to school after hearing some cool songs.


I start the time when my brain works a slightly higher speed than when placing a tea bag in a cup of hot water.

During this time there are some stressful moments (especially when in the evening instead of making up a lesson from Polish you came up with a cool idea for posting and you must write it today, because you will forget tomorrow), but most are pretty cool.


I finish the lessons positively and go back to the boarding house – this time alone (Kuba finished the lessons earlier).

A light wind is blowing outside, and the sun looks from behind the clouds.

– Hmm… Am I going to train? – a thought appears in my head. However, it is quickly suppressed because 5 minutes ago I ate dinner (pork chop, pride!) And after eating, I do not like the game, so I told myself that I will leave after 16.


Slowly it gets dark, and I sit in front of a notebook from polish lesson and do my homework, hoping that teacher will check it for the next lesson.


I’m finishing my homework. Darkness outside – almost dark.

– Okay, I’ll do a training tomorrow, I do not want to go today.


[Thoughts in the head] – why I did not go to play, after all nice weather was, tomorrow I will not make 4 HTW even. Okay. From tomorrow I start to play seriously and, of course, get up without naps.


That’s more or less what my days looked like in September-October in 2016 after moving in to the boarding house. Apparently I had sooo much free time, which I could use for even workouts, but it did not work out, I did not find then enough willingness and pleasure in it. I am glad that I have changed a lot since then and look at things differently. Speaking of trainings – before him I watched PWG, Luca or Tom Folan’s films and quickly wanted to become like them. However, as everyone knows, “Krakow was not built at once” – that’s how it is with other things in our lives, it is impossible to get to the master level without knowing the basics. Even if you try harder than any action, you can not repeat Skóra combos from “Air Combos 3” within 2 weeks, for this you need a lot of time spent on training, many failed combinations, many “forward” tricks, many pairs of shoes. Pleasure is one of the main help in achieving success.

Pleasure or …

Once, when I did not know about freestyle, I often heard complaints about training – that it’s hard, that it is necessary to go far to train. Sometimes I could not stand it and said:

– Why are you doing it? Why are you complaining like that?

I did not receive a detailed answer.

For me, training is a kind of therapy – I can focus on the max, think a few things and enjoy every successful combination.

Earlier I went out willingly for training, after which after many drops I gave up and sometimes I returned to the room and sometimes I played literally by force – I got mad at myself that I did not do the training yesterday, I did not know what was wrong and I was coming back from training depressed.

Now it’s completely different – I often play for strength, but here I choose between “I do not want to, I think my legs hurt, and I still have a lot of homework and test” and “I have to conquer this trick – if I win it will be mega happy”. Often it comes out second and I am very happy, but sometimes I choose 1 – I’m working on it all the time and I’m going in the right direction.

In my opinion, the definition of freestyle speaks for itself – a free style. I do not play what I do not like – I do not like ABBAS – I do not play them.

So much.

I like to play MATW, HMATW, blocks – I play them and enjoy it.

You have a choice – come backwith sweat then down the forehead, on the cheeks and over the whole body and a big banana (smile) on the lips, or maybe only wet, that with a serious face and millions of negative thoughts in the head.

You choose!

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